Skin Care How can you avoid dry winter skin ? A moisturizer and scrub are just two of the 9 tips we can give you to protect your skin from the freezing cold.

Be happy: we are heading fast for the festive months! But the wintry freezing cold also brings dry winter skin with it. These are some easy to apply tips for good skin care in the winter .

Skin Care Habit # 1: Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin from the inside out

Do you ever wonder why your skin is so dry in the winter ? Our epidermis dries out due to lack of moist air. To avoid that, you drink a lot of water: this way you bring moisture into your skin from the inside.

Skin Care Habit # 2: Do not save on a nourishing cream

To treat dry skin in the winter , apply an intensive nourishing and moisturizing cream that protects your skin for 24 hours. Treat your face with a generous layer of this light, non-greasy cream.

Skin Care Habit # 3: Provide warm clothing

Skin Care In the winter, the cold, dry air evaporates the oils that are naturally present in the epidermis. Result: your skin is dry and sensitive . That is why you provide warm clothing in the winter and cover the most sensitive parts of your face, such as your ears, your nose and – if possible – some parts of your face.

Skin Care Habit # 4: exfoliating

Also consider scrubbing dry body parts, such as elbows and ankles, and then apply a moisturizer!

Habit # 5: extra vitamins

Skin Care For a good care of itchy skin in the winter, you also continue to absorb vitamins from red fruits, lemon juice and vegetables in the cold seasons … Leave the sugar and ready-to-eat meals in place!

Skin Care Habit # 6: protect yourself against the sun

Skin Care It is not because it is cold that your skin is safe against the aggressive effects of the sun! Even in winter you opt for moisturisers with a sun protection factor.

Skin Care Habit # 7: Provide moist air

Your skin does not like dry air. For optimum skin care in the winter you invest in a humidifier. Your skin will thank you for it.

Skin Care Habit # 8: not too hot

A nice hot shower is a tempting idea, but hot bathing leads to dry skin . That is why you should shower or bathe lukewarm. Then always apply a moisturizing lotion to your skin.

Skin Care Habit # 9: take care of your hands

Skin Care Treat yourself to a quick manicure. Before you go to sleep, immerse both hands in a bath with lukewarm water for 5 minutes and after drying, rub them in with your favorite hand cream. If you then put them in cotton gloves and go to sleep like this, your hands will feel super soft when you wake up!


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