Activated Charcoal or activated carbon is widely used in facial cleansing products. You will find it for example in various creams, gels, scrubs and masks that serve for a thorough cleansing of the facial skin. 

Activated Charcoal has the unique property that it can attract dirt particles very effectively. Thus it can be used well to fight blackheads. It also prevents pores from becoming clogged and thus causing pimples. After use you will immediately notice that the skin feels smoother, softer and less greasy without pulling.

What is activated charcoal ?

Activated charcoal  or active charcoal is an enormously versatile natural product that has many applications. It is a porous form of carbon that is prepared by removing the gases and impurities through a thermal process. You may have come across it as one of the ingredients of face cleaning products.

It is mainly used in facial care products aimed at thoroughly cleaning and combating blackheads on the facial skin. But what makes us use activated carbon for this?

Activated Charcoal is a product that can adsorb great. Adsorbing is different from absorbing. Where absorption is absorbed by substances in another substance there is adsorption it involves the attachment of molecules to the surface of another substance.

This is what happens when you apply activated carbon in the form of a cream to dirty or oily skin. The fat and dirt particles are attracted by the activated carbon and attach to it. When you rinse the cream off your face with water, this also takes away the dirt. This makes active charcoal an extremely effective ingredient for preventing clogged pores and thus the appearance of pimples.

After cleansing with the use of a face care product based on Active Charcoal , you will immediately notice that your skin feels a lot softer. Unevenness disappears like snow in the sun and your skin immediately looks a lot less matte or greasy Many Active Charcoal-based face care products are black or dark gray in color. When you rub it in and it starts to foam, it usually becomes light gray or even white in color.

The role of Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is also known as activated carbon black. It is a black powdery or granular amorphous carbon. Let’s take a look at the role of activated carbon .

Activated Charcoal has a strong “physical adsorption” and “chemical adsorption” effect, which can adsorb some organic compounds to achieve the removal effect.

Activated Charcoal is now widely used in air purification in automobiles or indoors. Activated carbon is a porous carbonaceous material. Its developed void structure makes it have a large surface area, so it is easy to fully contact with toxic and harmful gases in the air. The strong adsorption field around the activated carbon pores will immediately release toxic gas molecules. It is sucked into the hole, so the activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity.

Activated Charcoal The main purpose:New home: It is used to adsorb toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and hydrazine in the air of new homes and continuously released into the air, and quickly remove the decoration odor

new furniture: used to absorb the continuous release of formaldehyde, benzene, and various odors.

wardrobe, bookcase, shoe cabinet: smell, detoxification, dehumidification, pest control, deodorization, sterilization, preservation of calligraphy and so on.

the bathroom: deodorant sterilization, fresh air.

the floor: smell, moisture, mildew, insects, protect the floor from deformation.

Car: Adsorb various harmful gases in the new car and various odors in the old car

computers, household appliances, etc.: adsorption, reduce the harm of radiation gases to people

Offices, hotels and other public places: purify the air and eliminate odors.

What brand of activated carbon is good?

The price of activated carbon is generally not very expensive. A little better is a pack of more than ten dollars. The quality of adsorption is relatively good. Which brand of activated carbon is good? It is well known that activated carbon can better adsorb formaldehyde, so the activated carbon brand is prepared. Focused on consumers. Let’s take a look at the top 3 brands:

1: Happy Forest

Fujian Xinsen Carbon Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and management. It has the characteristics of high automation and stable production control. It mainly produces high-end wood granulated activated carbon, which is widely used in refining. Industry, chemical industry, pesticide production, motor vehicle manufacturing, civil environmental protection and other fields. Among them, the activated carbon for wooden vehicles has reached the international advanced level, enjoys independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained national patents. The products have strong competitiveness in domestic and international markets. The solvent carbon, catalyst carbon, capacitor carbon and other products produced by our company have replaced the import, which has filled the domestic gap and changed the passive situation of high-end activated carbon dependence on imports in China for a long time.

2: Jialimei

Shanghai Jialimei Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. was founded on July 5, 2005. It is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of environmentally friendly materials for the research, development, design, production and sales of coconut shell activated carbon. In terms of domestic air purification, the company launched the “Carlyle” brand of household activated carbon. “Jialymei” activated carbon is a special spherical activated carbon as a carrier (has obtained national patent), using high-tech means, according to A+B double components. Developed with scientific formulas, it is aimed at the current pollution of homes, office buildings, decoration pollution, high cost of treatment, and large market demand. The new varieties specially developed have been favored by the majority of users since they were put on the market. outer.

3: Xinjubao

Chongqing Hengxinda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of environmental protection products. “Because of dedication and exquisiteness”—-The company specializes in indoor environmental protection, and is committed to the development of indoor environmental protection products and the research and application of indoor air pollution prevention technology, and is fully committed to expanding the indoor environmental protection products market and serving the public. Xinjubao coconut shell activated carbon is widely used due to its strong adsorption performance and comprehensive functions. Xinjubao coconut shell activated carbon is positioned as a popular product, which is a daily consumer that can be afforded by the people and avoids consumers. In the face of good products, but the price is sighing.

Activated Charcoal Different applications

As mentioned, Activated Charcoal has many applications. For example, it is used internally in the hospital to combat poisoning and abdominal walking. It is also used to combat allergic reactions to spider and snake bites. You may also have heard of black toothpaste . This is toothpaste in which active charcoal ( Activated Charcoal ) is used to attract dirt particles on and between your teeth and so thoroughly clean your teeth. There are also tooth powders based on Active Charcoal.

Facial care products with Activated Charcoal

Anyone who walks into a drugstore or visits a drugstore’s web shop will notice that there is a wide choice of face care products based on activated carbon or activated charcoal for both men and women. A selection of the available products (2019)

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  • Vichy Detox Clarifying Charcoal Mask
  • Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing
  • Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask
  • The Body shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow face mask
  • Revuele Face Peeling Gel with Charcoal Powder
  • Revuele Black Mask – Instant Action Face Mask
  • Sence Beauty Peel-off Charcoal Face Mask
  • Montagne 7th Heaven Charcoal Peel-off Face Mask
  • Montagne 7th Heaven Charcoal Mud face mask
  • Montagne 7th Heaven Charcoal Pore Strips Face Mask


  • L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Pure Power Activated Charcoal facial cleansing gel
  • L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Activated Charcoal facial cleansing gel
  • Nivea Men Active Clean Shower Gel

Women and men

  • Biore Anti-Pimples Scrub with Activated Charcoal
  • Biore Micellar Cleansing Water with Activated Charcoal


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