Sex should be fun and fun, but as long as intimacy is enjoyable and memorable, healthy and safe sex is more important. Therefore, we should always be aware of such innocent habits that can spoil the moment not only during intercourse, but also after sex. Since sex boasts a person’s physical and mental health, people should follow intimate rules. Sexual intimacy lowers stress, anxiety and improves heart function. It is also important that sex is one of the most beautiful things that God created.

Don’t shave right before sex

If you’re the type of person you shave, you should plan ahead before you have sex at least one day. Shaving is sensitive and fragile to the skin around the genitals and is prone to irritation due to friction during sex. You can reduce the risk of irritation by using shaving cream or gel, shaving in the direction of hair growth, and applying an unscented lotion.

Avoid eating high in fat or super spicy foods

If you’re planning to have sex, slowly spicy food like curry and pepper. Goes better with hot sauces. This is because spicy food causes acid reflux symptoms such as chest pain and burning sensation in the throat. If the body is sensitive to burning food, you can not catch the aquarium or fart. Rich and heavy foods are often fatty. For example, fried chicken, soda, citrus, and caffeine drinks are difficult to digest and can lead to heartburn. It is recommended to eat apples, bananas or fruits such as oatmeal and graham crackers.

Do not take antihistamines

If you have a cold, feel bad and can not cough, it is better to take antihistamines. You have to sacrifice all this and do so for more women. You can dry your nose, but this medicine will dry your vagina. This is because the drug dries the mucous membranes all over the body and dries. Therefore, vaginal lubrication is less during sexual intercourse. You will have sandpaper sex that can lead to burning, itching or pain. But if a moment of intimacy comes after taking allergy pills, make sure you have a water lubricating oil that helps with sex. Supply lubricants to make your business easier.

Do not skip foreplay

Do not jump into action, do not kiss, hug, massage or attempt to oral irritation. These are some forms of foreplay that can help with mood swings. Foreplay raises the heart rate and at the same time prepares the genitals for sexual intercourse, making you feel more involved with your partner. As the blood flow to the penis increases, the erection of men begins, and as the blood flow increases to the clitoris, wetting of women begins. This will make your intimacy more enjoyable.

Do not drink too much alcohol

Most people have a mental power that makes you drink before you have sex. But did you know that alcohol contributes to erectile dysfunction (ED), making it difficult to maintain a strong erection to work? Although this problem occurs in the case of heavy and frequent drinking, leading to ED in the long run. Men need to drink alcohol, they can drink up to two drinks a day. And again, alcohol makes false judgments, which can make a person do something that makes him regret. For example, you may forget to use protection, or you will not force yourself on a partner who may not feel well in extreme lengths. And with the use of drugs, sex is the most unpleasant intimacy.

Do not wait to pee if you are susceptible to UTIs

Sex is good but it costs. Intimacy can cause bacteria to enter the urethra, causing a urinary tract infection (UTI). Sexually active people are prone to UTIs. You can reduce your UTI risk when urinating before and after sex. If you want to enjoy sex exposure, do not exceed 5 minutes.

Do Not Die

Cleaning the interior of the vagina after sex with water or prepackaged liquid may leave room for more infections. Because this affects the natural balance of bacteria that protects the vagina. Naturally, the vagina itself should be clean.

Do not forget to check for signs of bleeding or pain

Pain or bleeding after intercourse can indicate infection or friction during sex. A woman should look for vulvar trauma to the vagina and undergo medication.

Do not forget to be tested

At the end of the sex, you should also check the condom. Sometimes condoms can be trapped in the vagina and cause bacterial infections. If you have unprotected sex, be sure to get a sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy test. If you are sexually active, it is better to take a test. This is especially true when you meet a new partner. It usually takes a long time for symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, so the test is the right way to find out if you have an infection. Watch for signs, discharge, pain, blisters, sores, spots or lumps around the genitals.

Don’t forget to wash your sex toys

For people / people who use sex toys to make sex more enjoyable, don’t forget to always clean your sexy toys. This should be just before and after sexual intercourse. Dildos, vibrators, penis rings and straps can cause bacterial vaginosis if they are not cleaned or kept well. Vaginal condition causes a bad smell discharge. If your sex toy is waterproof, you can dunk, but if not, use a cloth to clean them. If your sex toy is battery powered and has a motor, you’ll need to disinfect more instructions. For non-porous toys or toys made of glass, silicone, acrylic, stainless steel or hard plastic, rub gently with mild soap and water. Do not forget to always wipe the cracks and cracks, because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. You can also boil this toy in hot water for about 10 minutes. Porous toys or toys made of rubber, vinyl, cyber keys, cowhide, ultra skin, nylon or leather require very soft hand soap or special cleaners made exclusively for this type of material.


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