Condoms also have contraceptive failures! What should I do before and after the drug?

The condom was accidentally broken, is there a way to remedy it? Gynecologists teach you how to eat after-effect pills

At the moment of passion, there is a breach of condoms, leaks, or “bears” think of forgetting the rules to take pre-contraceptives, but it is too late to step on the brakes, which inevitably raises the risk of accidental pregnancy. Huang Yuyu, attending physician of Beirong Women’s Medical Department, said that at this time, the contraceptive pill is the last line of defense. The second-generation contraceptive pill with better contraceptive ability can be selected. She also reminds the concept of correct contraception. The sooner you take it within 24 hours, the sooner you take it, the better you should avoid the second unprotected sex after taking the medicine.

Abortion is risky, contraceptive measures are best protection

If there is omission in the protection of the honey, or if the contraceptive measures are not taken at all, the gun may go into battle and may lead to an unwanted pregnancy. During the first and second months after the holidays, or the following Christmas, New Year and other holidays, obstetrics and gynaecology often has women who are pregnant due to unintended pregnancy. Dr. Huang Yuyu pointed out that abortion surgery must bear the risk of anesthesia. If it is carried out in a medical institution where no anesthesiologist is sitting, the risk is relatively high. In addition, artificial abortion sometimes causes the uterine cavity to stick and bear the risk of future infertility. Even the abortion of drugs has side effects, which are not a burden on women’s mind and body.

how effective are condoms Pre-contraceptives are not suitable for everyone to consult a physician to choose the right drug

Correct contraception can prevent unintended pregnancy. Dr. Huang said that in addition to using condoms, it can prevent sexually transmitted diseases; some women choose contraceptives, which can be divided into pre-contraceptives and post-contraceptives. The pre-contraceptive is to prevent the egg from growing up and inhibit ovulation, but it must be taken regularly. If it is missed, it will greatly reduce the efficacy; in addition, not everyone is suitable for the contraceptives, such as liver function abnormalities, thrombosis and breast cancer patients. Not suitable, even a few people have edema and fat, breast pain and other side effects, patients must consult a physician in advance, choose the appropriate pre-dose contraceptives, and clearly understand the correct usage and dosage.

In addition to some women who are not suitable for prenatal contraceptives, Dr. Wong Yu-yuk mentioned that if a condom leaks or ruptures, or if a woman does not regularly take or miss a pre-contraceptive or even a victim of sexual assault, she can take it afterwards. Contraceptive remedies reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy, and the contraceptive pill can be said to be the last line of defense.

how effective are condoms The second-generation lutein receptor modulator has better contraceptive effect than the first generation

In general, male sperm can survive in women for about 5 days. After taking the pill, it can delay the body’s ovulation instruction. When the sperm loses vitality and the egg is discharged, there is a chance to avoid sperm contact and achieve contraception. At present, after-the-fact contraceptives have progressed to the second generation, Dr. Huang Yuyu mentioned that according to the literature, the first generation of contraceptives is a high-dose lutein/hormone, which delays the ovulation effect for about two days, although the effect is taken within 24 hours. Can be more than 90%, but the effect is reduced to 85% after the second day (within 48 hours), and 58% after the third day (72 hours), especially when it is close to the dangerous period of ovulation. Confirmed to be effective. And the side effects of the first generation of contraceptives, such as nausea and vomiting, may be relatively significant (30%). The second generation of post-operative contraceptives is a lutein receptor modulator, delaying ovulation for 5 days, taking 98% of contraceptives within 72 hours, and taking 99.1% within 24 hours. In the near-risk period of ovulation, there is still Opportunities delay ovulation and achieve contraceptive effects.

Dr. Huang Yuyu further pointed out that the second generation of post-contraceptive contraceptives is better than the first generation in 24 hours. It has been confirmed by clinical studies that the first-generation high-dose lutein is 25 of 1,000 people pregnant, the second generation Only 9 of 1000 people are pregnant with lutein receptor modulators. It can be seen that the effect of taking a new type of post-contraceptive pill can be “three times lower” than the old post-contraceptive pill.

Do not take more than two pills at the same time within 24 hours after taking the pill

Dr. Huang Yuyu also called for the correct concept of taking after-the-fact contraceptives. The better the effect of the contraceptives should be, the better the results will be used within 24 hours. It is recommended to choose a second-generation contraceptive with better contraceptive ability. However, it is not recommended to continue unprotected behavior after taking the drug, and do not eat more than two at a time.


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