How to eat good oil, there are secrets!

Cooking Oil You must first smell it, taste it, and even the packaging container must be super-quick!

Eat good oil, life is healthy and green! Good oil can also make people “return to the soul, two ecstasy, three souls into the soul”, in order to eat well and enjoy health, you may wish to follow the oil shovel to learn the correct oil, oil, and know how to eat the oil properly, you can Have the unexpected benefits of weight loss, anti-cancer, anti-aging, beauty and beauty! In addition, she also shared tips on the selection of sesame oil, bitter tea oil, and temperature suitable for cooking.

Oilers experience anti-cancer life and witness “food power”

Wang Ning, a oil painter, was a strong woman of the director of the pharmaceutical factory and a cancer-stricken person who was blessed by life. But she chose to be optimistic to dance with cancer, and because of this major crisis of illness, she witnessed the “food power”. . In order to find good oil, she went to Siberia, Egypt, Germany, Southeast Asia, mainland China, and then returned to the wild forests of Taiwan, and directly attacked every kind of oil from land, plants, growth, flowering, fruit, seeds, water, and oil. In the process, I met all kinds of strange things during the trip, and learned that many people who are engaged in oil-making have witnessed the healing of oil, oil or oil or supplies.

In her new book, “Looking for the Oil”, I shared seven kinds of rare and common oils from Taiwan, such as sea buckthorn oil, inca fruit oil, black grass, perilla oil, sesame oil, bitter tea oil and fresh soybean oil. She believes that the fruit can resist and overcome any disease of the human body. Each seed contains a lot of information about the universe; every drop of oil, entering the body, is the natural reduction process, rejuvenating every cell, achieving physical and mental health. realm. The following is her sharing of oil, oil, oil and other practical knowledge, I hope everyone can eat good oil for health points!

Healthy Cooking Oil :

Any oil with the first weight is fresh, as long as it smells sour, musty, and oily, it is recommended to stay away from it. In the case of sea buckthorn oil, the darker the color, the higher the level of dark red, and the fresher the scent of fruit. Bitter tea oil has low temperature or high temperature baking. In particular, it does not roast and only expose to sunlight. It is made of bitter tea oil made by gravity machine. The color is light and translucent or slightly green. The taste is refreshing and does not press the tongue. It tastes. There are fruit trees and fragrance.

Cooking Oil
The better the quality of the oil, the less suitable for high temperature hot frying, and not suitable for high temperature heating.

Healthy Cooking Oil Selection:

Take sesame oil as an example, put the sesame oil on the back of the hand to heat it, let the pores absorb the smell of sesame, wait until the hand temperature cools and then smell it; the scent of sesame is pure, and it is possible to add salad oil without taste. Then, a few drops of oil are tested at the entrance. The flavor of the sesame oil blended with the fragrance will disappear quickly after the entrance. The pure sesame oil will leave a scent on the cheeks. After 10 to 20 minutes, if you can gently snoring, there will be a sesame fragrance from the throat. It is high-purity sesame oil.

Bitter tea oil can also be tested in the same way as sesame oil. It is quick to push on the back of the hand, and it is good oil without greasy feeling; or drop one or two drops in a transparent glass cup, then rush into hot water, and cover it with a lid. 5 seconds, then cover the smell, smelly or strange, indicating poor quality or storage for too long; taste after cooling, if there is bitter tea oil taste, indicating that the ingredients are purer, if it is salad oil or other The oily taste is extremely likely to be mixed with other oils.

Healthy Cooking Oil:

The better the quality of the oil, the less suitable for high temperature hot frying, and not suitable for high temperature heating. Known as high temperature resistant bitter tea oil, the smoke point is as high as 252 degrees. It is suitable for frying, boiling, frying and frying. It is a good partner for oriental cooking. However, if you encounter good oil, you should let it work best. It is best to drink it directly with cold, cold or moderate amount. Therefore, fresh soybean oil, sesame oil and perilla oil are suitable for hot mixing, cold salad, foraging, and raw drinking. It is not suitable for high-temperature cooking. Of course, ginger and sesame oil are another matter.

Do not eat cauliflower with anticoagulant

As for the sea buckthorn oil and black grass oil that the average person rarely touches, the former has a fruity aroma that is not suitable for food, and the latter has a flavor that increases the flavor of the food. Inca fruit oil is hot and cold, but these oils are more suitable for raw drinks or external application, which can regulate the body and beauty.

In addition, all oils have the same characteristics, fearing sunlight, air and unstable temperatures. Therefore, the best oil bottle is the “dark glass bottle”. If the light-transmitting container is irradiated with a light source, the oil is easily oxidized and the acid value rapidly rises. Therefore, loading the wrong bottle is a waste of good oil.

Cooking Oil
Any oil with the first weight is fresh, as long as it smells sour, musty, and oily, it is recommended to stay away from it.


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