Count the 5 most insulting ways of sex

Every couple wants to enjoy the most beautiful sex, but some wrong sex postures, incorrect sexual attitudes and small details that are not realized may affect your health. In particular, the following five ways of sex must be avoided.

No.1 Deliberately extend sex time

Many patients are clinically encountered, the ejaculation speed is too fast, the lover is not satisfied, and the orgasm is not reached. Especially for women who need long sexual intercourse to reach orgasm, male patients are more stressed. This kind of sexual unsynchronization has caused many men to have headaches and even feel very depressed. Some people treat sex life as a heavy task, and can’t realize the harmonious life that brings happiness to both husband and wife.

Most men always want to take various methods to delay ejaculation time. Some people do not take good shots, but forcing them to cause excessive pelvic congestion, aggravating the burden of the nervous system and sexual organs. After normal human life ejaculation, the body fluid in the sexual organs is fully excreted and gradually weakened, and soon the blood flow state in the penis returns to normal. If the person interrupts ejaculation, the blood flow recovery rate in the sexual organs will slow down, resulting in continuous congestion.

On the one hand, excessive congestion of the pelvic cavity reduces male sexual desire, can not enjoy sexual life, and easily induce erectile dysfunction; on the other hand, it is easy to induce reproductive system infections, such as chronic prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, frequent urination, urgency, blood and other discomfort . The physiological anatomy of the male tells us that if the integrity of the normal anatomy of the bladder neck is compromised, no spermatorrhea may cause the semen to “walk the back door”, and retrograde ejaculation occurs, that is, semen enters the bladder and then excretes with the urine. Because sperm cannot enter the vagina and combine with the egg to form a fertilized egg, women cannot become pregnant.

So, is there a scientific and effective training method to get men out of the trouble of ejaculation too fast? Some medical experts believe that premature ejaculation is basically the reason that the stimulation threshold required for ejaculation is too low, and invented according to this theory. “The behavioral therapy of premature ejaculation.” The approach they advocate is intended to raise the threshold and eliminate the link between sexual stimulation and ejaculation. The specific methods are as follows: 1 Stimulate the penis to the extent of ejaculation 2 Stop the stimulation until the excitement is reduced; 3 Stimulate the penis again. 4 Repeat this many times until the man can tolerate a lot of stimulation without ejaculation. In addition, the scrotum method can be used together with the lover to use the penis pinching method, thereby reducing excitability, delaying ejaculation, and treating the effect of premature ejaculation.

No.2 Second attack of sex

After the first sex, the male penis excitability is reduced. If the penis is erected immediately, it is easy to induce autonomic dysfunction, causing prostate congestion, relaxation of the gland tube, and endangering prostate health. Excessive spermatogenesis may also reduce the function of the anterior pituitary gland, increase the burden on the testicle, and accelerate male aging. Continued secondary sex will also cause the female pelvic cavity to be congested for a long time, even 4-6 hours to subside. Over time, it is prone to lower abdominal bulge, pain, and even dysmenorrhea.

Therefore, sex life should be moderate and not too frequent. American scholars summed up a “sex frequency formula” based on the influence of age on sexual ability – frequency of sex = ten digits of age × 9. Even by multiplying the ten digits of your age by 9, the ten digits of the product are the number of days that a sex cycle lasts, and the digits are the frequency of sexuality that should be. Take a male in his 30s as an example, 3 X 9=27, and sex for 7 times in 20 days, once every three days. A 40-year-old can have sex 6 times in 30 days. Through the formula, we see that as men age, the number of male sex is decreasing.

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is fine, and the main seal. Kidney essence is the motive force of the human body. Excessive sexual life will consume the essence of men’s body. The kidney essence is insufficient, and the kidney qi can not be metabolized. The function of the human body is reduced, which is manifested by male energy and physical strength. Some people may experience symptoms of nervousness such as fatigue, lack of concentration, and memory loss. After a one-time life, it is not advisable to continue secondary sex. Any organ needs rest and must work and rest in order to enjoy a perfect sex life.

No.3 lack of security measures

Men who are in love, don’t forget to take safety measures while enjoying perfect sex. Semen contains a large amount of protein, including dozens of specific antigens. The antigenic substance in male semen reacts with female genital tract secretions to produce corresponding anti-semen antibodies. The antigen binds to the antibody and induces semen allergy. If the woman is allergic, the same room without safety measures will often induce a series of allergic reactions, such as sudden chest tightness, vaginal burning, and itching. Sometimes, the man takes some drugs (such as penicillin) or eats certain foods (such as peanuts) before sex, and may also cause allergies in women. More importantly, for unmarried sexual partners, sex without safety measures may lead to unwanted pregnancies, causing unnecessary trouble to both parties. Even couples may not know whether the other person’s private parts carry certain viruses or bacteria. It is very likely that unsafe sex will lay a dangerous seed for health.

Male genital skin has more wrinkles, strong sweat secretion, large stretch, and is not easy to clean. In addition, the perineal area is poorly breathable. If there is no good cleaning habit, the male perineum forms a sanitary corner and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. It not only causes genital diseases and other diseases for men, but also makes sexual partners a victim of various gynecological diseases. . Therefore, sex should pay attention to personal hygiene, carefully clean the private parts before sex, take necessary safety measures when sex, not only can clean the body, increase the satisfaction of both sex life, but also promote the blood circulation of the perineum, the prevention and treatment of dysfunction Such diseases play a certain therapeutic role.

No.4 lack of foreplay

Women’s sexual desires are slow, to a lesser extent, and sexual excitement appears later. Therefore, if there is a lack of foreplay in sexual life, it is generally difficult for the man to touch the woman, and it may also result in insufficient secretion of the accessory gonads and no lubrication. The rude trade is also easy to cause the woman to resent or cause pain. General sex foreplay is about 15 minutes.

Sex can change patterns from time to time, and the same sex is boring, you need to constantly innovate and keep it fresh. In fact, there are many commonly used daily necessities around us, which can be used as sex props. It can be used to add points for sex and make the feeling more beautiful.

First, order a candle to create an atmosphere.

The survey shows that women are more likely to be emotional in the atmosphere that men create specifically for them, and women also like to use a way to create an atmosphere to provoke men. Pointing a candle is a way of creating atmosphere for both men and women. It not only increases romance, but also makes each other’s body and mind closer. Under the illumination of the candle, both sides are more relaxed and their body contours are more attractive. Both parties can enjoy sex more enjoyment. Candles with orange and lavender are the best choices, and the essential oils are used to reduce anxiety and make people happy.

Second, drink a glass of red wine and have a variety of styles.

A woman who drank some red wine can show her charming and sexy just right. Men also like to see the style of women after drinking. A sentimental, an intentional, a woman’s face is so charming, the man’s eyes are naturally full of desire. Red wine not only allows women to retain a bit of shame in their sexuality, but also fulfills their due diligence and wildness.

Third, surround a bath towel and take a bath out of sex.

According to surveys, women wrapped in bath towels are more likely to arouse men’s sexual impulses. Women may wish to have a short shower before sex, which is both hygienic and allows men to gradually arouse their desires while waiting. When he saw that you were bathed in a bath towel and bathed in a sexy hair, it was estimated that you were anxious to stop.

Fourth, buy a blindfold and play a romantic game.

In the foreplay, you can let the other person lie on the bed, put on his eye mask, and then do some small moves on him, such as kissing. Since he can’t see you, he doesn’t know where the next part you kiss will be, so the stimulation will be stronger; or you can write in the sensitive part of the other side and let him guess, this romantic little game not only makes Sexual love is more fun, and it is also conducive to enhancing each other’s feelings.

Fifth, lay a blanket and massage each other.

It is advisable to temporarily transform the bedroom into a massage room. The couple massage each other and push the essential oil to induce and enhance sexual desire. Generally speaking, women’s ears, neck, inner thighs, underarms, breasts, nipples and other parts are most sensitive. The husband can press on the back of the fingers, and the movement should be gentle and slow, which can arouse sexual excitement.

Sixth, wash a bath before sex

The bath can not only cleanse the body, but also make the skin smooth and moist, making it look even more beautiful and relaxing. Embrace the lover in the water, let the other’s tenderness and body temperature gradually penetrate the whole body, each pore is fully expanded, breathing, and the stress and troubles on weekdays are released instantly. Couples bathing together can enhance feelings and improve the quality of sex. When bathing, you can gently caress each other’s body, chat, and scrub each other. After a gentle warmth, you can have a full body massage, and your body and mind will be more comfortable. The soft light in the bathroom makes it easy to outline the curves of the human body, which can evoke the urge of a couple’s relatives. Touching the sensitive part of the other side is also best for the foreplay.

Seventh, install a mirror to increase sexual excitement.

Want to know what each other is like when you are sexually? If you can see if you are more exciting? You can install a mirror in the bedroom, preferably facing the bed. You can observe and re-recognize each other’s body and increase your excitement. . Studies have shown that it is easier for women to reach orgasm in the mirror. When you are passionate, look at the two curves that fit in the mirror. You and his wild and confused look, is there any more crazy and bolder stimulant than this?

In the foreplay of your wish, both sides have done a good warm-up, creating conditions for the next step to enjoy a wonderful sex life.

No.5 is not suitable for position

To enjoy the perfect sex life, you must also master the correct position. Taking the correct position can not only increase sexiness, but also stimulate the orgasm of both sides. Some can also achieve the purpose of eugenics and disease prevention and treatment. Some sexual dysfunction and non-ejaculation are related to improper position. For those who do not have ejaculation, female sexually inferior can adopt female upper position, premature ejaculation can use lateral position, and orgasm deficiency adopts 69-type position. The traditional position is male, but each time you maintain the same position in your sexual life, it is easy for your sexual partners to get bored. Regularly changing positions can stimulate sexual excitement on both sides and increase physical pleasure, thus promoting psychological harmony.

Poor position in sexual life, resulting in too much force on one side of the waist, it may cause back pain, and even cause pelvic floor and gluteal muscle spasm, and then erectile function or ejaculation dysfunction. Especially obese people, the body flexibility and flexibility are poor, more prone to problems. Therefore, the fatter side should try to be below. If both husband and wife are heavier, consider the lateral position. In addition, with heart disease can take a sitting or semi-sitting position, infertility (posterior uterus) to take the chest and knee.


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