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"Amazing Captain" Briarson relies on heavy training and diet to create a superheroic tight curve. (Photo / Captain Marvel@facebook)

Recently, the topic of popular discussion, non-Malway “Amazing Captain” can not, especially the heroine Brie Larson (Lee Larson) lasted for 9 months, practicing a sexy, healthy and perfect posture, in the network crazy to pass its training film, in Countries around the world set off a heroine boom and attract women to join the ranks of fitness! Want to sculpture the hips, arms and back like the heroine to create an “evil curve”? Let’s try to practice 3 big tricks first!

koto diet Weight training + primitive diet, make Briarson mad 8 kg

In order to perform “Amazing Captain”, actress Brillase began a series of physical weight training, maintaining nearly one year of rigorous training including rock climbing, weightlifting and high-intensity sports, as well as trying to popularize the American and Japanese hominid diet (Paleo). Diet), to control the diet to achieve the effect of muscle fat reduction. Through these pacing steps, she was mad at 8 kilograms and her muscles were amazing.

The food source of the so-called Paleo diet is mainly based on fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood. Ingest high protein and healthy fat and train with weight to increase muscle strength. And quit carbohydrates such as bread and rice and sugar, and ban sweets. And ingest a large amount of fruits and vegetables to promote metabolism.

koto diet Briarson accepts devil training and sets off a wave of women

Briarson accepted the devil training. Since the film promotion period, the registration rate of the muscle strength series of the whole gym has been greatly improved, and many female members directly named the coach to be a surprise captain’s training program, which can be seen in Marvel. Under the blessing of female heroes, a wave of women’s power is gradually emerging from the gym.

koto diet 3 big moves to create hip, arm and back curves

Liao Yujie, a light fitness coach, said that the heroine Brilatan special training program has three major moves, including: “sitting on the hips” to create a charming hip, “walking on the weight-bearing bow” to strengthen the shoulders and core muscles, and “introduction” In the body up, I practiced the beauty of the back. These 3 big moves can effectively exercise the curves of the hips, arms and back that girls care most about. In addition to quickly achieving the effect of fat burning, improving the various problems caused by sedentary work for office workers, especially for each woman to show confidence and charm.

★ 1. Create a peach hip: Hip Thrust

Although the load can not be completed quickly, but beginners can also get light weight. The supine hip push stimulates the gluteal muscles and the back muscles of the thighs through the weight of the aids, thereby sculpting the hip line and appearance. However, because the muscles of the buttocks affect the soles of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and lower back muscles, they can also train the stability of the overall trunk. In addition to the attractive hips, it helps to improve the long-term. Sitting and causing lower back pain problems.

koto diet

★ 2. Whole body muscle training: walking on the heavy bow (Overhead Walking Lunge)

The upper weight bow walking training will select the weight of the bar according to the personal load range, and the lunge will be maintained in a 90-degree posture to achieve the most effective force-applying effect and fully stimulate the large muscle group of the whole body. This training not only can exercise the muscle strength and muscular endurance of the lower limbs, improve the problem of lower body obesity, but also strengthen the shoulders and core muscles by weight-bearing movements.

koto diet

★3. Beauty back: Pull-up

The pull-ups, through their own weight, can not only train the back muscle lines, but also the arm and core muscle groups, which is called the training program with extremely high CP value. 

The correct use of the back muscles and the exercise of the lines can improve the troubles. Humpback, round shoulders and other problem postures.

koto diet


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