The man's egg becomes bigger and harder, and the caution is the upper body of the testicular cancer.
Men eggs become bigger and harder, so be careful! Doctor warns: if you don’t get it, you will lose it forever

Men will also have “sorrows of eggs”! When there is a painless abnormal testicular enlargement and a hard block, be careful that it may be the upper body of the testicular cancer. A 33-year-old Mr. Jiang, a month ago, found that the right side of the testicles became hard, not painful or itchy, the size did not seem to change, worried about the disease to the hospital for medical treatment. After the scrotal ultrasound confirmed that it was the right sacrum tumor, the sputum was removed and the pathological test results were typical spermatoma.

Men eggs It is necessary to be alert when the testicles become larger and harder.

Eggs get bigger and harder, don’t be happy! Hong Junze, chief physician of the urology department of Shutian Clinic, pointed out that the size of the testicles has nothing to do with the sexual function. The testicles become larger and harder to be alert. The early symptoms of sputum cancer are less obvious.

Common symptoms such as painless swelling, hardening, heavy feeling, or combined scrotal hydrops, male emulsification. 10% of people will suffer from acute pain due to bleeding or infarction of the testicular tumor, and 10% of them will have symptoms of distal metastasis such as back pain, cough, hemoptysis, bone headache, and lower extremity edema.

The patient was palpated through the clinic and found that the pills on both sides were about the same size, but the texture on the right side became hard. The scrotal ultrasound confirmed that it was a right-sided sputum tumor, and the normal sputum tissue had been pushed to the side. 

Blood test for three testicular tumor markers (AFP, β-HCG, LDH) was in the normal range. Because the tumors of the testis are mostly malignant, according to the standard treatment procedure, the right side of the sputum is performed from the sacral area, and the pathological test results are typical spermatoma.

Because the tumor is only 3 cm and is confined to the testicle, and there is no lymphatic metastasis in the abdominal computerized tomography, it is the first phase. It only needs to be closely followed, and no radiotherapy or chemotherapy is needed. The case was discovered early because of high alertness, so the treatment results were very good. Since the left side pill is still normal, it should not affect fertility.

Concealed patients have a higher incidence of testicular cancer

The exact cause of sputum cancer is still unclear. In terms of congenital factors, the incidence of sputum cancer in concealed patients is 4-6 times higher than that of normal ones. If mothers use female hormones during pregnancy, it will increase the chance of children. Acquired factors such as sputum injury and atrophy caused by infection are also possible causes of sputum cancer.

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Dr. Hong Junze mentioned that most people can’t distinguish between scrotum, aconite and testicles . The painful scrotum is mostly caused by infection, and the most common is the reversal of phlegm and sputum . Painful swelling should pay special attention to varicocele, cysts, scrotal edema and hernia. The most common time is usually swollen. If the painless swelling is found in the short term, malignant tumors must be highly suspected.

Early diagnosis of scrotal cancer: scrotal ultrasound examination, blood test is essential

The early diagnosis of testicular cancer depends on physical examination. All the hardness and size of the testicles should be diagnosed by scrotal ultrasound examination to identify the above-mentioned diseases. Blood test for tumor markers such as chorionic gonadotropin (β-HCG) and type A Fetal Protein (AFP) helps diagnose and track. Computerized tomography or MRI scans are used to assess the extent of tumor involvement and the presence or absence of abdominal or lymphatic metastasis.

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The first step in the treatment of testicular cancer is to remove the testicular pills, and then decide whether to add additional radiation or chemotherapy according to the pathological category and period. The prognosis of sputum cancer treatment is quite good. Early detection, early treatment, and the chance of cure are quite high. It should be tracked every three months for the first two years after surgery, every six months for the next three years, and once every five years after five years. .

Remind that the health of male eggs should be guarded by themselves. Regular self-touching (self-examination), touching the size of the testicles on both sides is symmetrical, with or without pain or hardening. If you suspect that there is a problem, you should immediately seek a urologist to check the diagnosis.


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