It is often said that broccoli is the best anti-cancer vegetable, but do you know that the anti-cancer substance of broccoli is more effective after a formality?

Broccoli is a member of cruciferous vegetables. Others include kale, white broccoli, Chinese cabbage and Korean cabbage. These vegetables are not only extremely low in calories, but also contain many essential vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they often hear people say Broccoli is the best anti-cancer vegetable, but do you know that the anti-cancer substance of broccoli is more effective after a formal procedure? The following will introduce the anti-cancer substances in broccoli and teach you how to eat to get the perfect anti-cancer effect.

Radish Sulfur is a magical anticancer substance

Cauliflower can provide a large amount of human body sulphate (Sulforaphane), this ingredient is very helpful for blood sugar control, and has the potential effect of anti-cancer. Therefore, there are even health foods such as broccoli ingots on the market, but research indicates that eating health care The effect of food is not as effective as eating broccoli itself.

Sulforaphane is the main cause of bitterness in cruciferous vegetables, but it also makes these vegetables have anti-cancer effects. It has been found that sulforaphane can inhibit the key enzyme in cancer, Histone Deacetylase (HDAC). Therefore, sulforaphane may be an important element of cancer treatment in the future, and is currently targeted at Melanoma, Esophageal Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Pancreatic Cancer. Studies have shown an effect of delaying the progression of cancer.

Cauliflower is more nutritious after being destroyed

What is more special is that sulforaphane is not directly present in broccoli. The other two substances that people will not notice, Glucosinolate and Myrosinase are the key. The saccharide is converted to sulforaphane, and in order to allow the black gluten to act, the broccoli must first be destroyed, so we can consider cooking to promote the enzyme reaction.

However, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry , whether it is boiled or microwaved, the amount of Glucosinolate is greatly reduced, even if it is heated for only a few minutes.

Pre-cooking anticancer power increased by 2.8 times

Although I want to take in a lot of sulforaphane, it seems that the only remaining choice is raw food, but this is not in line with the eating habits of ordinary people. Therefore, scholars have further studied and found that the best way to cook is to cut the broccoli and then After 90 minutes, cook again, because the sulfur glycoside is the most abundant at this time, and the broccoli is more than 2.8 times more than all the good.The scholar finally mentioned that although it has not been tested, it will have a considerable effect after standing for 30 minutes.

Do not eat cauliflower with anticoagulant

If you are taking anticoagulants due to problems such as blood clots, such as Warfarin, please pay special attention to avoid taking broccoli because it contains a lot of vitamin K. If the patient suddenly changes the intake of vitamin K. May be dangerous. Finally, it is still a reminder that a balanced diet and good eating habits are the only way to maintain good health and fight disease. Don’t just eat some foods and eat a variety of foods because some foods are very healthy. Achieve a balanced diet.


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