pregnant after cancer

For women who are pregnant after cancer, is it the starting point for new life? Or is it the end of cancer survival? Recently, some media reported that Yu Tian’s daughter Yu Yuanzhen was diagnosed as the third stage of rectal cancer five years ago and was born with a “dual-horned uterus”. However, she has risked giving birth to two births in the past two years. Recently, she unfortunately discovered Recurrence of rectal cancer, cancer cells spread to the lungs and liver, which is very worrying. Obstetrics and Gynecologists reminded that any cancer patient can not conceive and have a baby. Be sure to ask the doctor who gave birth to the original cancer. Some cancers, such as pregnant women with breast cancer, will reduce the mortality rate. However, some cancers may not, but may instead Reduce life due to pregnancy!

pregnant after cancer
In the obstetrics and gynaecology clinic, it is often seen that the mother who is suffering from cancer, but is eager to be eager. 

Breast cancer pregnant women bravely ask for a child, a successful twins

When people get cancer, they must think that life is over. When they reach the end of the world, it is a blessing to survive. How long can they live? In particular, in the obstetrics and gynaecology clinic, it is often seen that the mother who is suffering from cancer, but is eager to be eager. Obstetrician and gynecologist Cai Fengbo said that pregnant women with “partial breast cancer” can prolong their life. He shared that a 41-year-old woman with breast cancer was treated for 2 years to control breast cancer for the second period. After 2 years of treatment, Consulted the attending physician and bravely asked for help.

This patient was diagnosed as the second stage of breast cancer from 2015, and was treated with a half-year target treatment at the medical center. After the tumor was shrunk, breast cancer and lymph node dissection were performed. The target treatment was particularly effective, but the lymph nodes already had The cancer cells spread out, and after more than half a year of chemotherapy, and one month of radiation therapy, the breast cancer control was finally stabilized in 2017. She boldly asked the professor of breast cancer at the Medical Center to have a baby? The professor gave a green light to her journey to seek children. Later, she was looking for a test tube baby surgery by Dr. Cai Fengbo. Fortunately, she was successful in twins and defeated 11 years of infertility.

Dr. Cai Fengbo joked with the patient and said, ” The twins have not yet been born. They have already started to rescue their mothers because of a 10-year research report: because cockroaches can reduce breast cancer mortality due to pregnancy production. 42%, the twins are simply dutiful sons in the womb, and they are the “filial son of the future. “


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