Women lose weight differently than men. Men’s waste tips focus on intensive strength training and much less on healthy food, although that can also play an important role. The scrap between men and women nevertheless also many similarities, but the implementation and effects are usually experienced quite different. In this article attention to waste tips for women.

weight loss tips for women Body fat

For women it may be a coincidence that they may have more body fat than men. Even better: it is recommended to have more fat. Where men have to do with a body fat percentage between 14 and 17%, women can have 7% more with 21 to 24% body fat. That means that one fifth to one quarter of your weight may be fat. You can have your body fat percentage measured in the gym

weight loss Losing weight for women

Weight loss Most women lose weight several times in their lives, or at least try to do so. That is different from men, who usually work in a very disciplined manner and only stop when the relevant and intended kilos are gone. Where men start exercising immediately, women rather look for the easy way. They want to lose weight by eating less and exercising more, but prefer not to lose weight too much of an impact on their lives.

Lose weight by eating less

Eating less naturally has a great effect, because the energy that does not come in can also not be stored as fat and therefore does not have to be removed. You can easily lose weight by eating less, based on diet recipes and diets. Yet the experience is that women are difficult to maintain, especially if they try without a diet. Where men often block tasty snacks and unhealthy snacks, women take it faster.

Lose weight through more exercise

If a woman loses weight, more must be moved. It can go two ways, namely:

The woman suddenly moves terribly. Running , cycling, walking to work and a subscription to the gym. The result is that the woman comes home injured and yet falls back into old (bad and unhealthy) habits.
The woman wants to move, but cannot get involved. Because how can you lose weight fast with exercise? Instead of looking for a fun sport, we look for a sport that leads to quick results. The result: an annoying sport that does not motivate you to continue at all.
So you can certainly lose weight by exercising, but give it some time and choose a sport that you like. Then the chance is much greater than you will be successful.

Waste tips for women

In general, many waste tips apply to women, which also apply to men, but these deserve some attention here:

try to find a diet that suits you and that you trust;
find someone to lose weight with;
don’t give up after a week or a month, because losing weight requires time.


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